Corporate Values

In Pro-Per Energy Services we pride ourselves in providing the best-in-class products and services in the energy and power generation markets. With this goal, we constantly strive to achieve the best quality within our scope of work and apply ourselves to the highest standards in all aspects of our work

With our dedication to excellence in our work we also commit to our internal policy taking into account 5 main elements.

The Human Element 

We always remember that although we are working on machinery all our services are conducted through our manpower teams and our customers technical professionals. Our priority is to always put the safety of our technical teams, our customer’s and vendor’s team first.

Providing the best opportunities to raise the technical and personal capabilities of our technical teams we provide them with a safe work environment where we can provide a unique experience to our customers.

The Process Element

Working in the energy and power generation sectors for decades, our teams understand the time and quality sensitivity of our customers’ needs. We build and manage project management processes that will satisfy our customers’ requirements, guarantee project quality and incorporate customer and vendor feedback as our scope of work is completed. 

The Customer Satisfaction Element

All of our efforts within our scope of services for the energy and power generation markets focus on high levels of customer satisfaction. We build systems and processes to provide our customers such an experience that all their needs will be met to the market standards.

Legal and Compliance Element

As Pro-Per Energy Services we provide products and services around the globe. Wherever we work we commit ourselves to strictly follow local and international legal requirements. Adding to the legal requirements we also follow a strict compliance and export control policy where we perform all of our business within global ethical standards.

Environmental Element

The energy and power generation markets are two sectors that contribute to environmental opportunities and concerns. Knowing the critical nature of our work we dedicate ourselves to follow all environmental regulations and control all aspects of the environmental effects of our work and leave a better world for all.

HSE Policy

Profesyonel Personel Hizmetleri Tic. A.Ş. (PRO-PER) is committed to achieving environmental excellence and protecting the health and safety of our employees wherever we operate. This means complying with all applicable environmental, health and safety laws, as well as continuing to assess the impact of our operations on the communities where we do business and the potential risks to our customers of the products and services we provide. Compliance with this policy is a responsibility of management and employees in all functions.


This policy applies to all employees and operations under PRO-PER' s operational control. It applies in all jurisdictions, regardless of how the local laws are enforced or implemented.

  Policy requirements

  • Comply with applicable environmental, health and safety (EHS) laws and regulations.

  • Implement robust programs to eliminate or reduce workplace injuries and illnesses, provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment and protect the external environment in which we operate. Consider evolving industry practices, regulatory requirements and societal standards of care.

  • Assess EHS legal and reputational risks impacts before starting or changing a business activity, venture or manufacturing process, including the acquisition or divestiture of businesses or activities. Consider EHS impacts in the design and production of PRO-PER’ s products and services.

  • Eliminate unreasonable risks from PRO-PER’ s facilities, products, services and activities.

  • To the extent reasonably practicable, reduce the generation, use and release of toxic and hazardous materials, prevent pollution, increase the energy efficiency of PRO-PER’ s processes and products, and conserve, recover and recycle materials.

  • Continue to improve our EHS systems and performance as an integral part of PRO-PER’ s operational strategy.


EHS is everyone’s responsibility. All employees must follow this policy and applicable laws and regulations to protect their own health and safety as well as that of other workers, the public and the environment. This also means promptly raising concerns about possible violations of this Policy as well as any work-related injuries to your manager, an EHS or medical professional.

Responsibilities of leaders:

  • Regularly improve the adequacy of business EHS or Medical programs and resources.

  • Implement comprehensive monitoring and auditing systems at the plant and business levels designed to detect and correct noncompliance.

  • Set annual EHS goals and expectations for the business.

  • Regularly evaluate the effectiveness of managers and other senior employees on their implementation of this policy and environmental, health and safety programs.

  • Evaluate decisions from EHS point of view prior to appointing, promoting or removing any personnel or workgroups.

  • Establish a process to periodically review the EHS impacts of business activities and projects and to take into account changes in the business, the law, insurance availability, societal expectations, understanding of the risk and other relevant considerations.

  • Authorize new business activities or projects, or authorize changes to existing business activities or projects that increase the EHS risk level only if the risks have been thoroughly analyzed and can be appropriately managed in the short- and long-term.

  • Promptly advise and obtain the concurrence of the business leader before initiating any new projects or activities, or of any situation with the potential for significantly extending EHS risk beyond the previously assessed and authorized levels.

  • Conduct appropriate due diligence, and review of any proposed acquisition or divestiture of real estate (including equity, leases and other property interests) in advance of completing the transaction. Communicate responsibly with employees, communities, customers and government agencies regarding environmental, health and safety issues.

  • Implement effective programs, training and best practices for environmental, health and safety and for the elimination or reasonable reduction of toxic and hazardous materials.

  • Regularly assess plant operations and management. Establish measurements to ensure compliance with this policy and applicable laws and regulations. When appropriate, review assessment results business leaders.

  • Ensure that employees with EHS responsibility are appropriately screened before appointment and that their continued appropriateness for their positions is periodically reviewed.

  • Work cooperatively with PRO-PER’ s customers, agents, contractors, suppliers and other business partners to ensure that our relationships with them support this policy.

  • Promptly inform Corporate Medical Services or Corporate Environmental Programs, as appropriate, and legal counsel of any:

Emergency evacuation, communicable disease or other serious health incident that may have exposed employees to health hazards.

Work-related employee fatalities and other serious company safety incidents requiring hospital admittance or a report to a governmental agency.

Information regarding health concerns over possible workplace exposures where a clinical investigation or epidemiological study is anticipated.

Environmental incidents requiring a report to a governmental agency, or any governmental allegations of substantial violations of environmental laws or regulations.

Legal proceedings alleging significant property damage or personal injury from environmental contamination or exposure to hazardous substances.

     Penalties for violations

Employees who violate the spirit or letter of PRO-PER’s policies are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. Violation of this policy can also mean breaking the law, subjecting you or the company to criminal penalties (fines or jail sentences) or civil sanctions (damage awards or fines).

     Ethical Values

Pro-Per Energy supports uncompromising honesty and high ethical standards in every part of its business. Although it may not be possible to define each and every situation in detail, these set of values provides a framework all our operations guides our employees on how to handle certain situations in line with our ethical standards. In each and every country that we work in we strictly follow local laws and regulations and report any irregularities to our managers. As a team we understand how our actions effect not only our company but also the image of our customers, vendors and other shareholders.

        Our Core Ethical Values can be summarized as follows;  

    Respect for the individual; We respect the differences among all individuals we work with and encourage diversity within our

    own organization.


     Health and Safety ; Pro-Per provides and maintains a safe working environment for all their shareholders with its health and 

     safety regulations. 

     Proprietary Information ; Regardless of the source, all proprietary information whether it is Pro-Per’s own data or data 

     entrusted to us by customers, vendors or other shareholders are protected and secured with utmost care.

     Conflict of Interest ; Should a conflict of interest arise between customers, vendors or other shareholders, whether it is a 

     conflict of interest between Pro-Per and its shareholders or a conflict of interest between our shareholders; Pro-Per only 

     provides services once the conflict on interest is clearly expressed to the necessary parties and resolved. 

     Gifts, Gratuities and Business Courtesies ; We will neither give not accept any business courtesies that constitute, or could 

     reasonably be perceived as constituting, unfair business inducements that would violate the law, regulation or policies of 

     Pro-Per or customers, or would cause embarrassment or reflect negatively on Pro-Per’s reputation. 

     Competition and Code of Conduct ; We always build a relation of trust with our customers, vendors other shareholders and 

     even our competitors. Pro-Per condemns and refrains from gaining any business advantage through manipulation, 

     concealing information, slander, abusing proprietary information etc. 

     Bribery ; No Pro-Per personnel can either directly or indirectly, provide or promise to provide any illegal or suspicious monetary 

     gain or transfer of wealth to any person or organization to gain or maintain an advantageous business position. 

     Public Relations ; Regarding corporate topics, no employee can make statements to other persons, organizations or to the 

     media with the exception of employees appointed specifically by the company management.

     Opportunism ; No employee can use company resources or benefits obtained through working in Pro-Per to their personal 


    Global Standing; Pro-Per employees are always aware of their responsibilities of wherever we do business. In all parts of the 

    world we work in we aspire to maintain an attitude as if we are model citizens of the country we work in. 

     Anti-Harassment Policy ; All employees deserve to work in a safe business environment with dignity and respect at all times. In 

     that regard no form of harassment or abuse will be tolerated in Pro-Per workspaces, whether it be verbal or physical. No one 

     can be discriminated due to their ethnicity, religion, gender, gender orientation. Pro-Per prides itself for being an equal 

     opportunity employer and any discrimination, harassment or abuse will be resisted and punished accordingly. 

     Child Labour ; We condone child labor specifically in heavy and unfair conditions and we do not do business with any company which practices child labor.

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